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The consultant Ron Bowes, who has be winged it with this action n aims to highlight the problems of security and privacy of Facebook, has posted the list with the name, number of identification n and the URL of the profile of each user.

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You need to specify that this report by Panda was carried out in the United States, which means that the data is not exactly the same as the market espaA ol EspaA as in SMEs have a much greater weight, about 90% of the business.

By this I mean that very often happens that after s to use tools like Radian6, Social Mention, Blog Pulse, Twitteranalyzer, Alterian, How Sociable or Noteca, among many others, there is the online listening process terminated.

A “° sta has traditionally focused on producing posts, known under the name of notices, to persuade consumers, in other words, to cause them to want or need to purchase the product or service offered by a particular company.

As in your personal life, your business focus must bet on honesty, because nowadays the consumer has many sources of this information is to learn to drink and there is nothing worse than make you feel deceives ado.

Share on FacebookShare on twitterShare on emailShare on Printmore Sharing Services “” inShare0 Corporate social responsibility in business is taking shape, as their influence on the consumer begins to be doubted.

Facebook and Twitter continue to grow It seems that, even though the founder of Digg, Kevin Rose, announced months ago that social network experimentarAa changes when you arrive there will be n made too late.

Global platform n expression, communication and interaction n n Youtube has emerged as a great reference in practically all he FIELDS, such as entertainment, politics, and all topics of interest s social.

This not only will increase the visibility and traffic of the blog, but also n your posicionmiento organically, because do not forget that the conversation in social media (social media buzz) affects SEO.

For example, data provided by the infografAa are: At 48% of executives are influencing social media quite to the important decisions, while only the 2% say that Web 2.0 does not influence them at all.

However, the publicity, like other domains of business and marketing strategy, do not know exactly how to get into social media, so it tends to use the same techniques that tA traditional activity.

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